Monday, January 11, 2010

Going Rove

According to The New York Times, Sarah Palin, following in the steps of former Bush Chief Adviser Karl Rove (and a number of other Republican notables), is going to be a contributor on Fox News. She will, according to the article, host a show that airs "from time to time" on the network. No word on what she's receiving for her irregular series, but the excitement is palpable here in the Vice-Precedence offices (what we call any chair we are currently sitting in, or, as it were, on the edge of).

The contents of the program? Not being revealed. Maybe she will review the daily news, rating them in terms of winks. Perhaps an interview program, where she goes "against the grain" by referring to everyone by their first name, whether appropriate or not.

What is most interesting about this choice is what it says about Fox News' programming choices, specifically their choice of contributors. Sure, Palin is popular among Fox's demographic, but she's also getting torn down by established conservatives - not just moderates, mind you, but people as close to her as McCain's campaign manager Steve Schmidt (who recently revealed that Palin kept referring to then-candidate Joe Biden as "Senator O'Biden" during practice sessions for the VP debate). Is this a move by Fox to cater to a specific demo within right-wing conservatives? Will it prevent people like Schmidt from appearing on Fox? Or is it a simple popular pander? Only time will tell.

(Thanks to the brilliant @JamesUrbaniak for the tip-off.)
Jason C. Klamm,B.A.

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