Friday, February 26, 2010

VP Story on... CNN?

That's right. Oddly enough, CNN today published an article
by producer/writer Kristi Keck on our fifth Vice President, Elbridge Gerry... without mentioning the fact that he was Vice President even once in the article. (To be fair, there are two side bars that mention it, but the main article itself is wanting of such a mention).

Gerry, as the article mentions, is best known for having inspired the term "gerrymandering" - the complex and overt redistricting practices that became big news with Gerry's pre-VP usage of it. There are a lot of great, interesting tidbits about the former VP's life in the piece.

Which begs the question "why?" or, to be more specific "why didn't you mention Elbridge Gerry's highest office?" While we endeavor to find out more about this astounding(ly understandable) omission, we recommend you read the piece and get to know Gerry a little better. It's actually quite a good basic primer on the man. You might also enjoy the video.

More to come...

- Jason C. Klamm, B.A.

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  1. I highly recommend you watch the video. You will see that the ignorance of Americans when it comes to the VP's and their legacies, whether good, or bad (as in the case with gerrymandering) is always present. Its gotten to the point where it doesn't even surprise me anymore. Its what I have come to expect. This is why we NEED Vice-Precedence to get out there! Help us out friends and Fans! Thanks!