Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!

As the Vice-Precedence blog celebrates it's first birthday/anniversary, I'd like to take a few moments to acknowledge how much has been accomplished in this year.

First, we're moving forward on a graphic novel based on a particular VP, with some amazing artists on board. It promises to be exciting, since we've chosen one of the most bad-ass VPs there has ever been.

Secondly, Matt got to meet Sarah Palin herself. Whether or not you (or we) agree with her politics, she's a part of Vice-Presidential history, and Matt had an insane time just waiting in line to get her to sign his book. He was part of a sideline to an historical footnote.

Thirdly, we're ever-closer to getting Vice-Precedence to the next step - as a book/movie. The book is always moving forward, as we discover new tidbits, but we're ever-closer to finding the right grant/funding to make the road trip/documentary a reality.

Fourth...ly? Not everyone is on the same page as I am, but the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz very recently wrote an article that finally acknowledged, as we have been doing for quite awhile, that Joe Biden is a powerful force in the Obama Administration. The mainstream media is finally picking up on the same stuff that we at Vice-Precedence have been reporting on and analyzing, through the filter of historical vice-presidential perspective, for a year now.

It's been an amazing year for the blog, the book, the movie, and for us. A quick thank you to all of our supporters and our fans (Or "Likers," as Facebook has forced them to become), not to mention the likes of the amazing Paul Zaloom, who was kind enough to endorse our humor, and to Gore Vidal, who has remained supportive ever since our initial interview.

As always, tell your friends (you may have to leave out the whole politics & government angle at first) and send us your feedback. Here's to a fantastic year.


Jason C. Klamm, B.A.

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