Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dick Cheney VS. The CIA

First of all big thanks to Mr. Darren G. Davis of Bluewater Productions for his interview with Jason Klamm on the upcoming Joe Biden comic-make sure to pick it up at your local comic book store-if they aren't carrying Bluewater's books, ask them to. If you haven't read Jasons fascinating interview with him here on the blog-be sure to do so.

Recently former VP Cheney has been very critical of the Obama administrations handling of issues in the "War on Terror". Mr. Cheney has not been afraid to give these criticisms at every opportunity he gets. This led to a response from new CIA Director Leon Panetta that has drawn sharp criticism from both the right and left. Some have called Director Panetta a "partisan hack", and his comments "loathsome". Meanwhile, Cheney is also (as usual) receiving his fair share of barbs.

Read more about it here. Let us know what you think.

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