Friday, June 26, 2009

You've got to read these

Joe Biden wrote me a letter today:

SUBJ: You've got to read these

Jason --

A few weeks ago, President Obama asked you to share your personal story about how the health care crisis has affected you and the ones you love. Hundreds of thousands of stories poured in from every corner of the country. The President and I have read through many of them ourselves -- and now I'm encouraging you to do so as well.

Read these powerful, personal stories from people in your area and around the country:

And after you do, please forward this note on to as many people as you can.

For folks who don't yet understand why health care reform is such an urgent priority, these stories make the case far better than any statistics ever could.

For those who support health care reform but haven't yet found the time to join our campaign, these stories provide more motivation than any speech any politician could ever give.

So please read these stories, pass this note on to everyone in your address book, and help us show everyone in America why fixing our broken health care system is a necessity that just can't wait:

Thank you,

Vice President Joe Biden

Here's what I wrote back:

SUBJ: You are required to read this

Joe --

A few years back, Matt Saxe and I asked ourselves why it was that the Vice-Presidency is so misunderstood by the very people who sort of vote for him. Thirty-three men who never became president have somehow slipped through the fickle fingers of history and into near oblivion simply because they were the ones who were stuck waiting. Matt and I have read all of their stories ourselves -- and now I'm encouraging you to join the team.

Read the stories of these interesting men, constantly on the brink of power in our nation's capital:

And after you do, please forward this note on to as many people as you can. And we know you know a lot of people. You're the damned VP.

For folks who don't yet get why understanding the Vice Presidency is necessary to understanding the very processes and people that govern them, this blog should make the case that a VP deserves just as strong a vote as his president.

For those who already support learning more about the VP but haven't yet followed a particular Vice President-based blog, our blog provides more motivation than things like "books" or "newspapers."

So please read this blog, pass this memo on to everyone in your MASSIVE, country-wide address book, and help us show the American people why understanding the most misunderstood office in the country's history is a necessity of understanding Democracy itself. And please, if you want the people to understand the truth, give us a call and grant us an interview. We'll be waiting:

Thank you,

Vice President Historians Jason Klamm & Matt Saxe

No word back yet, but fingers are crossed. In case you think he didn't get it, feel free to help the effort along by sending the letter to

- Jason C. Klamm

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