Monday, August 31, 2009

Something to Ponder

As I work on the aforementioned project that will hopefully help us fund Vice-Precedence, I would like you to ponder the picture to the right. No time for a full blog today, so I'm asking for your help, in the form of excessive pondering.

I found a bottle of this at a hot sauce shop - yes, such a thing exists - at the Farmer's Market in West Hollywood this weekend. In an attempt to show my girlfriend the infinite number of hot sauces with names containing "ass" and various euphemisms for flatulence, I came across this gem. I ask you - how might the geniuses of satire that are the makers of hot sauce have treated your favorite (or least favorite) VP or VP candidate. Geraldine Fire-Arro? That's all I got.

Jason C. Klamm

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