Monday, August 24, 2009

Update: Investigation of CIA to Take Place!

Those of you who follow this blog know that I have been following Vice-President Cheneys involvement in the creation of the covert CIA Assassination Squad to go after the top Al-Queda leaders in the wake of 9/11. New CIA Director Leon Panetta dissolved the program which never really got off the ground and carried out no missions. Still, members of Congress have called for an investigation due to the fact that this program was kept a secret from the highest members of Congress involved in national security and many other reasons. This assassination squad was very similar in mission and formation to the teams created by Israel for the purpose of hunting down the terrorists responsible for the tragedy in Munich at the Olympics in 1972. Though I doubt any of them looked anything like Eric Bana. Last week I revealed that it wasn't just the CIA involved in this plan but also the highly controversial private security firm Blackwater was also brought in to work on the program. Even though Director Panetta dissolved the program immediately upon learning of it, its stirred up a hornets nest of interest among many in Washington and around the country.

Today the U.S. Justice Departments Ethics Office has sent a recommendation to Attorney General Eric Holder that he reopen a slate of cases of abuse and torture by the CIA of Al-Queda detainees. This could possibly lead to either Congress or the Ethics Office ordering an investigation into these CIA assassination squads.

Also today the Justice Department will release their internal investigation into how the CIA treated prisoners at Guantanamo in Cuba and other prisons around the world.

Its possible we could learn about who in the previous and this current administration knows about what happened with torture and the assassination squad.

President Obama has stated many times his desire to "not look back" but Attorney General Holder feels these new revelations merit investigation. Could we be seeing Congressional hearings similar to the famous Church Committee hearings in the 1970's which revealed the CIA's abuses? Will former VP Cheney be called in to testify? What is going to be revealed next? Stay tuned here for more and thanks for reading.

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