Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sarah Palin Doesn't Want Me to Buy Her Book

And sadly, I'd do it. But on her upcoming book tour later this month, according to a CNN blog, she is avoiding most major American cities, like New York and San Francisco (she's probably afraid of catching Bleeding Heart or Gay), not to mention Los Angeles (my homebase, where she could catch Mexican) and, perhaps, the most American of them all (and Matt's HQ) Minneapolis (where she could catch cold).

I say we all stand up and demand that Sarah Palin add some stops to her book tour that include places that WOULDN'T be friendly to her. She would undoubtedly get a healthy turn-out. Maybe she knows that sales on irony and kitsch alone will make up for her lack of personal presence in big liberal meccas like LA and NY.

All I know is, I'm excited to see what her ghost-writer or co-writer helped her say to explain certain things, or if those certain things, like her choice to be so straight-up folksy as to cause cringing fits across the country, won't be explained at all. Will it be her unofficial announcement for 2020 presidential candidacy? Maybe for some other office? Maybe she'll blow all our minds and tell everyone that, after she had so much fun writing "Going Rogue," she'd like to make a career out of writing autobiographies.

- Jason C. Klamm

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