Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going Rouge...

If you're any kind of internet user who enjoys the sadness of other people's lives, you've been to The site's author, April Winchell (who goes by the name Helen Killer), and her readers, scour, a site that sells all manner of hand-crafted items, for items that should never have been conceived, let alone put on sale. Well, a couple weeks back she posted this gem.

There's little I can say, so I'll let April's caption do its own magic. The best part is the seller's justification of the spelling by posting a picture of The Nation's parody book, indeed entitled "Going Rouge." That said, I still want The Nation's Book, so thanks to Regretsy for pointing me to it, if indirectly.

On another note, Matt and I are on the first draft of our first VP-related publication. Though it isn't "Vice-Precedence proper," it will be a good taste of what's to come. Also, congratulations to April Winchell, as she's pulled off what our blog is hoping for - she has a book deal with Random House.

- Jason C. Klamm

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