Thursday, September 17, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Cheney in Surgery Today!

Hey Vice-Precedence blog readers! I hope you have already read Jasons blog today on VP Bidens role in the Obama Administration in Iraq. If not-please do. Its fantastic.

Just wanted to let you know about this breaking news.

Today Former VP Cheney, who as everyone knows has had a series of health issues for a long time-mostly heart related-(yeah yeah insert your own "I didn't know he even had a heart." joke here) is possibly going under the knife as I write this now. But its not for his heart-which considering the fact he's had 4 heart attacks is something of a medical miracle. No, the surgery is NOT for his heart. What it is it you may ask?

His spokeswoman Lucy Tutwiler said that Mr. Cheney is having surgery today on his back. Here is their official release:

"Former Vice President Cheney went to The George Washington University Hospital this morning for elective surgery to deal with lumbar spinal stenosis,"

The AP says that lumbar spinal stenosis is an often-debilitating back condition caused by pressure on the nerves in the lower spine. It is caused by compression of nerves in the lower back, most often producing pain or numbness, tingling and weakness in the legs and buttocks.

Thats right-Cheney is having pain or numbness....on his buttocks. Dick Cheney's buttocks. Wow. Dr. Anthony Caputy, chairman of the hospital's neurosurgery department, is performing the operation.

We here at "Vice-Precedence" wish a successful surgery to the former VP and a speedy recovery as well. Stay tuned here for all the latest news in VP's as proved by that story. Thanks!

Matt Saxe

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