Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vice-Presidential Stamps?

Hey Vice-Precedence Readers!

Well, there still isn't much news out there right now on the Vice-Presidents, and of course, life can't only be about the VP's you know. For example, yesterday I had to go to the post office.

While waiting in line I saw a display about all the stamp collections available this year. Many were very interesting and beautiful-birds and flowers, State Flags, lots of Abraham Lincoln stamps commemorating his 200th birthday, Edgar Allan Poe and "The Raven", and more. One particularly caught my eye-Supreme Court Justices. Now, of course its appropriate to have stamps for Supreme Court Justices. However it got me curious, and I wondered-"If there are Supreme Court Justice stamps, are there Vice-President stamps?"

So I went to the Post Office website and looked through the archives they have online of stamps going back to 1997. They have everything that you can imagine to capture the interest of collectors or attract new collectors; from Star Wars and DC Super-Heroes to Vintage Black Cinema and Commemorative Cars, flowers, seashells, Disney characters, animals, fictional animals from childrens picture books, football coaches, baseball players, authors, movie stars like Jimmy Stewart, landmarks, bats, extreme sports, folk singers, African-American heroes like Malcolm X and Paul Robeson, holidays, Christmas cookies, carnivorous plants, practically anything you can imagine-but as of 1997-no exclusive Vice-President stamps. This struck me and made me think-there has already been a documentary on the Supreme Court on "American Experience" on PBS, and now-stamps before the Vice-Presidents. Where's the love for the Veeps?

So I ask you Vice-Precedence readers, do you think we should start a campaign to get the Post Office to create a series of Vice-President stamps? The post office does listen to Americans about creating series and stamps. Its how fans of the legendary radio comedian Jack Benny who was famous for always saying he was 39 got the post office to create a 39-cent Jack Benny commemorative stamp. Is it something we should pursue? Would it be interesting? Let us know.

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