Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Palin Quits Politics to Be an Author...

...So that she can become a politician again.

CNN reports that the title of Sarah Palin's memoir will be "Going Rogue: An American Life." Her obvious attempt to be a rogue among mavericks - the outcast of the misfits, the outsider of the outsiders - will probably sell as many books to those who buy things to be ironic as to those who genuinely want to see Palin be president. Like it or not, she's staying exposed.

This is a subject I need to do much more research on, but to my knowledge there hasn't been one failed Vice Presidential candidate to get this kind of attention or following that didn't hit it big afterward. Certainly, the media has helped that last two generations of politicians move from the idea of aesthetics as a necessity to enable change to the idea of aesthetics as a necessity to make the appearance of change, but it can't be denied she has appeal.

A book is a landmark for many politicians. It is either the beginning of strong intent or the last word on an administration or figure. No politician - save for Henry Wallace, who also liked to breed corn - ever wrote a book because a book needed to be written. Even Profiles in Courage, JFK's Pulitzer-winning book, was the launching pad for his presidency. This is a proposal. Sarah Palin is saying "Here is my life, nothing excluded. I did good things and bad things, and was justified in doing the good things. I have political experience and life experience, which is what you really need to be elected into an office." This is what they all say. It doesn't always work, but it rarely hurts. At least it opens the door for her to write her own fantasy novels about Alaskan Werewolves if this whole politics thing doesn't work out.

Jason C. Klamm

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