Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Biden Beat Slows Down

Biden news this week is either casual mentions or yet another attempt to use the word "gaffe" in reference to the Veep. He's a loudmouth, for sure, but some of us would like the media to find a new story. Which brings me to someone who seems to be getting a considerable portion of media attention, especially for an ex-politician. Sarah Palin.

Skimming through some online news results, I came across an interesting article from CBS entitled "Nixon's Past, Palin's Future?" Though it isn't the most in-depth of examinations of a topic, it takes an interesting stance - basically, since Nixon trashed the media in his "last press conference," and had enough of a comeback to make him president, Palin has the same chance.

Sure, but that assumes Nixon and Palin are analogous.

I'm no expert on Nixon, but I know plenty about Palin. In fact, veeps-turned-presidents are not a big part of the book/movie, since we historically consider them presidents. No one calls George H.W. Bush "Mister Former Vice-President," now do they? Nixon, though no exception to this rule, is still an easy one to examine, at least in terms of experience.

Nixon was a lawyer. Not a former beauty queen. He served in the military. Palin likes to talk about the military, and how the media "telling lies" is hurting our men and women in the Armed Forces. Nixon served in the Congress, and Senate... Then finally became Veep.

In fact, the only thing I can see that these two ever had in common, besides a contempt for the media, was a poor ability to handle their own image within the media. Which could explain the contempt. Palin's unabashed gee-whizidness was so fake that it could be seen from a mile away. Nixon was the victim of the first televised presidential debates, and wasn't pretty. In fact, Nixon had it worse off than Palin, media-wise. At least she's the Sexy Librarian ex-Governor, not Jowels McFrownyface.

Point is, I wouldn't entirely mind seeing Palin get the presidential nomination in 2012 (everyone else is entertaining the idea, why shouldn't I?), if only because the crash-and-burn will be hilarious. And if she somehow wins, well... We'll all have a front-row seat to Armageddon.

- Jason C. Klamm

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