Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday George M. Dallas!

Hey Vice-Precedence Readers! Well, July is a big month for Vice-President birthdays. 6 Vice-Presidents have their birthdays this month!

On Wed-July 8th it was Nelson Rockefellers birthday. Today, July 10th is the birthday of Vice-President George Mifflin Dallas! Born today, July 10th 1792 in Philadelphia, PA. Vice President under President James K. Polk (D) from 1845-1849.

Before becoming VP, Dallas had served as the Mayor of Philadelphia, was a Senator for all of 15 months, and had also been minister to Russia. Oh, and for all you conspiracy theorists, he also was the Grandmaster of the Freemasons in Pennsylvania. He literally was given the nomination when the person they wanted-Senator Silas Wright of NY-turned it down. Twice.

The delegates didn't know what to do, until Senator Robert Walker of Mississippi suddenly came up with the idea that his uncle-in-law could fill the job. After all, he was breathing. The by now exhausted, bored, and pretty wasted delegates left at the convention in Baltimore just wanted to get it done and go home-so they figured-"Why not?"

The delegates left Baltimore and in a sort of 19th century version of a drunk college road trip-rode their horses and carriages all the way to Philadelphia and arrived at Mr. Dallas' doorstep at an hour that mostly only certain ladies of the night, rats, and of course-drunken slobs are out. The noise they made convinced Dallas that the only way to greet this mob at his door was with a loaded shotgun. Finally convinced they weren't a threat, Dallas let his fellow Democrats into his house, and right there at a perfectly ungodly hour and in his very own living room, Senator John Fairfield of Maine let him know that his party had honored him with their nomination for Vice-President of the United States!

So join us here at Vice-Precedence as we say "Happy Birthday Vice-President George M. Dallas!"

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