Friday, July 17, 2009

Female Force

Firstly, my apologies to those readers of the blog who like reading daily blogs more than twice a week. Matt worked, diligently as ever, to help uncover some of the latest Cheney mysteries while I, alas, worked on getting a pilot of another project going. Luckily for us, this project could quickly mean big exposure for Vice-Precedence once our names are attached to this other, top-secret project.

A big thanks again to the people at Bluewater Comics, who, after our interview in June, sent along the Female Force series for the perusal of yours truly. Naturally, I gravitated toward recently resigned Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's comic first, knowing full well that if I could find in those 22 pages the kind of comedic restraint I have to exercise whenever writing about her, that Bluewater might just be the company to get me as interested in comics as many of my friends - especially my co-writer Matt Saxe - are.

It turns out I was right. And a little frustrated at the end of the day, to be honest. I actually kind of dig their raw look - this isn't your Spider-Hulk or Aqua-Fellow, but it ain't shabby. Especially not for a company that seems to have cornered the market on up-to-the-minute comic adaptations, churning them out just in time to stay fresh. Luckily, they remain pretty interesting.

The worst part of this comic was, frankly, how interested I suddenly became in Sarah Palin. Though the comic ends abruptly (her resignation would've been a good tag, if she'd have had the forethought to keep writer Neal Bailey in mind and resign a bit sooner), it makes some very good points, coming from an admittedly liberal source. It uses the wit of the confused writer in brief interludes, perplexed as to how to approach telling Palin's story without a bias, combined with dry facts that pop with high-contrast art, to get your attention and make you want to learn more. It knows you probably have made up your mind, but allows you to consider that maybe you don't have to.

So... 'Nuff said, I guess. I liked the comic quite a bit. They're doing what we plan to do, as I've said before. Though I dare them to make a Spiro Agnew comic. Seriously. I will stand in line tomorrow if that happens.

- Jason C. Klamm
(Author's Note: "Palin" is also not in Blogger's dictionary.)

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