Thursday, July 16, 2009

Like Father, Like Daughter?

Hey Vice-Precedence Readers! Matt Saxe here posting a quick blog because I am literally running out the door to St. Louis for the next 4 days. Just wanted to update you on a few things.

1. We now know that this secret CIA program that former VP Cheney didn't inform Congress about over the last seven years that CIA Director Panetta shut down just last month and told Congress about was supposed to be primarily an elite anti-terrorist assassination squad. Yes you read that right. The problem was that the logistics were basically too complicated-in essence the problem that couldn't be solved was: "How do we get these U.S. CIA assassins close enough to there Al-Queda targets without letting it be known they're from the U.S.? Then, once they've killed those bastards-how do we get them out and safely home?" A difficult dilemma to be sure. Before getting in a huge offended huff people-remember the program never really got off the ground, and it is over. It is no longer going on, period. However, this isn't keeping some people from debating about whether or not there should be an investigation into it all and hearings about Cheney keeping it a secret. Stay tuned for more.

2. It looks like Liz Cheney-Vice-Presidents Cheneys daughter who is helping him with his still untitled book might be getting into the family business. She is an outspoken Republican and is getting a lot of media attention. She recently made some sharp comments on President Obama's visit to Russia, and may be considering a run for Congress.

"I've spent a lot of time promoting democracy around the world," Cheney told the Washington Times on Monday, declaring herself willing to consider the idea of running for political office. "It has made me really grateful for our system and has given me a real understanding of how important it is to participate."

We'll see what happens and keep you updated. Thanks for reading! I'll be back on here posting soon.

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