Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cheney's Book-Update!

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As I mentioned in my first blog posting here; former VP Cheney is writing a book about his years as Vice-President. Al Kamen at the Washington Post recently wrote about how its coming along, and posted the picture you see of Cheney here in the blog taken on Air Force Two-the Veeps official plane-last year. The picture shows the Vice-President hard at work, with a copy of Bart Gellmans book Angler, on his desk opened but face down with some pages even bookmarked. Gellmans book rips and shreds at Cheney like a tiger on cocaine attacking a baby deer. Apparently the Vice-President was interested in what people were saying about him back in early 2008. Imagine that. Cheney got a $2 million dollar advance on his book-so in case you were worrying about his financial situation-no need! In the interview Cheney claims his book "won't be a screed" and that it's not about "trying to settle grudges." Well, we'll see, but, either way, I will be reading it. Hope he's working hard on it.

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