Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Biden Comic Review and October Veep Birthdays

Hey Vice-Precedence Blog readers. Its been awhile since I posted something, but I wanted to wait until there was something to really write about. Jason already posted his review of the Joe Biden comic published by Bluewater Comics, so now its my turn.

First of all, like Jason I am glad that someone had the guts to write and publish a comic about a vice-president. It means that someone has decided that there is an audience for this. That's great news for Vice-Precedence and I am happy to see it. I certainly hope that the comic sells well. At least better than Bo Obama's. Although I can understand why dogs would be more popular than politicians.

I just finished it a few minutes ago and I have to say overall....I'm disappointed. Aside from the typos and mistakes that Jason already mentioned its very hard to follow. It jumps around from time to time. It opens with Bidens' brush with death-to the point of his receiving last rites and that is portrayed in a powerful way. His upset victory in the Delaware Senate race as a 29 year old upstart during the Nixon Administration is also shown and his struggles to make it all happen are done in a interesting noir style-complete with the dirty union boss with a cloud of smoke over his head. The book also does a good job of illustrating Bidens pain at the loss of his first wife and daughter. The writer does a good job in showing how these trials shaped Biden's life and effected him emotionally. These stories are important, and make for interesting reading and I certainly understand why they are here in the book. I have to give kudos to writer Wey-Yuih Loh on at least this.

My main complaint with the book is how it seems almost jagged-it jumps back and forth in time and seems haphazard about it. It makes it hard to follow. Also, the art style is not to my liking. It seems a little rushed and the coloring is a little too pale to my liking. The cover is well done by artist Vinnie Tartamella. Like Jason, I wish it had spent some time on his work in Washington and how he became such a powerful presence there. While Bidens personal struggles do make for dramatic stories, more than passing legislation, it seems like that was the only thing this book was interested in. Still, I'd like to learn more about how Biden developed his way of making things happen in Washington and how he got to the Vice-Presidency. Like Jason, it makes me want to read Bidens autobiography "Promises to Keep-On Life and Politics".

Still, the fact that this book has been published is great. I am glad that it was written, and I hope you Vice-Precedence fans will at least give it a try. Darren G. Davis and Bluewater are to be applauded for creating this book.

On another note-October is a big month for VP birthdays-so happy belated birthdays to the following VP's!

Happy Birthday Chester Alan Arthur-Born October 5th 1829.

Happy Birthday Henry Agard Wallace-Born October 7th 1888.

Happy Birthday Richard Mentor Johnson-Born October 17th 1780-"The most vulgar man of all vulgar men in this world." according to the Doorkeeper of the U.S. Senate.

and Happy Birthday John Adams-Born October 19th 1735.

Keep tuned here on the Vice-Precedence blog for all the latest and greatest news in Vice-Presidents. Thanks for reading.

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