Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Biden Slips Up Again

Photos Courtesy the Onion - Click for Unrelated SatireFox News is reporting that the Vice President "unwittingly revealed" the plans of automotive newcomer Fisker Automotive to create a full line of plug-in hybrids. He revealed this at a speech to the workers at Fisker's plant. It was then laughingly played off by Fisker's CEO on Fox News later on.

The CEO, Henrik Fisker, then went on to detail the line, giving us model names and specs. Ahh, Fox News - where even a playful attempt to help the economy and aid the image of an automotive manufacturer will be met with a little slap at Joe. Maybe its a cutesy slap, but come on. Both the Administration and Joe himself know how to play on his image as The Man Who Said Too Much, so, actually, why even play along? You'd think they'd slap Biden for being so obvious in his deviousness. But, then again, that's what they liked about George Bush.

In other news, Dr. Jill Biden, Second Lady, is attending the World Series with Michelle Obama. Okay, it's not news, but how often do you hear about Jill? And where's her comic book, Bluewater?

Good things on the horizon for Vice-Precedence, everyone. I can't announce the details yet, but we will be publishing a Vice-Precedence-related item within the next few months, which should be available on pretty much right away.

Good night, and good Vice-Presidenting.

- Jason C. Klamm, B.A.

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