Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whose Book Will Rule and Veeps for Halloween

It seems in todays culture that everyone writes a book. As we have reported on this blog, former President Bush, former Vice-President Dick Cheney, and former VP candidate Sarah Palin are all writing books. While there is still no title for Cheney's book, we know former Gov. Palins book will be called "Going Rogue". Now the question becomes-of these three upcoming Republican biographies-whose will sell the most?

Its an interesting question-in that sales may show who is more popular, and that it may reflect which way the GOP is going ideologically. I don't think its sexist to say that a LOT of women are going to want to read Palin's book. That alone may put her above the sales of both Bush and Cheney, but at the same time, a lot of women may want to read Bush and Cheney's books too.

Readers all hope that these books will answer questions that people want to know. Such as:

"What were their emotions on 9/11?"

"How did you deal with all the stress and attention?"

"What are your beliefs on the complicated issues that currently divide the country?"

and about a million others. Which book are you most interested in reading? Let us know.

Also, with Halloween coming up, you know that there'll be some costumes out there about political figures, and I found the one at the top of the blog-available for $59.99 advertised with the following:

Deadeye Dick-Our Dick Cheney costume features a Dick Cheney mask, full hunting jumpsuit with wire hoop, top vest, target and cap. The costume also comes with an automatic membership in the Deadeye Dick Gun Club. Anyway, you know how the song goes, "Save A Quail, Shoot A Lawyer", or something like that.

Also, of course there's lots of Sarah Palin costumes out there too-including instructions on how to dress as Palin for under $100-For you who are interested-it involves a brown wig or your own brown hair put up in either a ponytail or with a banana clip, lots and lots of bronzer, glossy muave lipstick, a power suit with no pantyhose (gotta show off those hunting in snowshoes stems), dangly earrings, and of course-some simple drugstore rectangular frame glasses (red is a good choice) and VOILA!

For those of you into using Halloween as an excuse to "slut it up" as the kids say these days, who may want to put an ironic twist on it, there is of course the "Sexy Sarah Palin Costume". Which basically consists of you putting your hair up in the ponytail or clip in that Palin style, squeezing into your hottest bikini, putting on your best stiletto heels, grabbing yours or your husbands/boyfriends or kids best hunting rifle, throwing a sash saying "Mrs. Alaska" or "Hockey Mom" over yourself, and of course don't forget the glasses. For hints you can see the pic above. I'm betting you Republican guys who are reading this blog (you are out there right?) are drooling about now.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned here for all the latest news on the Veeps!

Matt Saxe

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