Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet Treats from the Cheneys

Hey Vice-Precedence Readers! I hope you are all having a great Friday and have fun plans for Halloween this weekend. Also, don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour on Sat. Night for an extra hour of Halloween debauchery.

Well, in Cheney news, the Vice-President was a little alarmed by a "tirade" on the show Morning Joe by one of the hosts, Mika Brzezisnski about him. Brezezisnski (God thats a complicated name to type) was commenting on Cheney's speech at the Center for Security Policy that he made on winning their "Keeper of the Flame" Award, that I wrote about in my last blog on Tuesday, where he accused President Obama of "dithering" in Afghanistan:

BRZEZINSKI: You really think is was a good idea for the former vice-president, who was one of the architects of the war we are still in, because they didn't finish it up really think it was good of him to say the President is dithering, and you really think that our White House right now, the administration, shouldn't fire back at the former vice president for these ridiculous low blows?

Apparently the Cheney's thought Brezezisnski was "a little cranky" that morning with those comments, so the next day they sent a delivery of gourmet cupcakes to the set. Nice huh? Who knew the Cheneys were in on that whole cupcake trend thats' been going on over the last few years?

In other Cheney news, the former VP has also decided to give a "treat" to one of the candidates in the race for Governor of Texas. He has decided to endorse Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for the Republican nomination for Governor of Texas in her campaign against current governor Rick Perry. Cheney will officially endorse Hutchison at a Houston fundraiser on Nov. 17, Hutchisons' campaign confirmed Wednesday.

“Kay Bailey Hutchison is pleased to have Vice President Cheney’s endorsement,” said Hutchison spokeswoman Jennifer Baker. “He knows she’s a conservative who walks the walk, not just talks the talk."

Political scientist Adam Schiffer of TCU-Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, TX. said Cheney’s support should help Hutchison “chip off that core Republican primary constituency” that Perry has been concentrating on to help win re-election.

“Cheney is an extremely polarizing figure, overall very unpopular, but he’s very popular among this small subset that is the most likely to turn out in a normal gubernatorial primary,” Schiffer said about this election-which is truly dividing the Texas Republican Party.

Meanwhile, Mark Miner of the Perry campaign brushed off Cheney's endorsement by calling Cheney part of the “Washington establishment”.

“The Washington establishment likes to stick together,” Miner is quoted as saying. Perry and his campaign have been trying to portray Hutchison as a Washington insider who is out of touch with how "real Texans" live and work and think.

I guess thats why Perry went out and got his own endorsement from a definite Washington outsider- Sarah Palin! I guess Perry got Palins endorsement because he thinks Alaskans know how Texans think better than a Senator from Texas.

One wonders how this election will effect the GOP in this reddest of Red States (except for Austin-of course) and whose endorsement will help or hurt more-Cheney's or Palin's. What do you think Vice-Precedence readers? Let us know, become a Fan of us on Facebook and Thanks for reading! Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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